Am I still a sexy Croydon escorts at the age of 44

Am I still a sexy Croydon escorts at the age of 44? A big question but with no definite answer. The answer of this biggest question is your self-discipline. Most of the woman in the world aims and dream to have a sexy body until they grow old. But in reality as women gain age there were changes in their body system in which some of the women gain so much weight same as they gain age but there were those who are heavier than their age. There are so many factors that could trigger the sexiness of a woman these are age, time, experience, discipline and attitude.


When a woman is young of course her curves were perfect but as she grows up there were parts on her body that deform. Also the metabolism of a person will become weak as she grows old. Wherein the foods that is not digested so well will then turn out to be as fats and that is why some women who have gain age has stored fats.


How about time. As time passes by and without noticing it due to your busy schedule in work you have forgotten also to give time to listen to yourself. All you do is work and eat and you just realize that you have gain so much weight where in you lose the sexy body that you have when you have enough time given to yourself. You should know how to balance your time in your work and in yourself so that you will not be amaze and surprise of your fast gaining weight.


There were lot of experience in the world where in women could lose their sexiness. The number experience for that is giving birth. When you conceive the baby in your womb for nine (9) months to be exact. Every month the baby inside is growing and so with your tummy. So after you have given birth your normal body when you are not yet a mother would have a big difference. Giving birth to our child is the most wonderful feeling and experience for everyone in the world. The joy and happiness that it brings is unexplainable. But if we look into reality after months of delivery you would feel bad seeing yourself in front of the mirror. But it could be repair if you will just work for it.


Self-discipline to be exact is what a woman should look on. If you are a type of person wherein you don’t have self-discipline of course it would be very easy for your body to grow and gain fats. A person who don’t have discipline is a person who eats food without limits, being lazy from allowing her own body to move like walking or even jogging. She then want to sleep most of her time. Having such kind of behavior you don’t practice discipline within yourself. If you would like maintain such kind of body curves and figure even if you reach 44 then of course you have to value self-discipline.


Your attitude defines who you are same as your body shape. Having a good attitude means you are an optimistic kind of person. That in everything that you do and how bad situations are you still carry positive vibes in your life. Such kind of attitude helps every women to maintain their own unique sexiness as they gain age. Having an attitude in dealing such things in the world were seems to be a great help in the way you look and appear to other people.

So those are the factors that may sometimes a hindrance towards attaining sexy body even until 44 of age. But all these factors will be avoided as long as you have believe in yourself and confidence to face the reality of your life. You can maintain such body figures but there were limits to consider at most especially as you will grow up. Growing up is not all about body figures it is all about life. Those sexy thing in you will not last but the legacy that you build as you were young will remain no matter what age you become.